Thursday, February 11, 2016

February is Black History Month.  Every February, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum pays homage to the contributions that Black pilots have made in the aviation community.

You can visit the museum on "Family Day", this year at 10:00am EST, the February 20th and join the celebration.

For an admission price of zero, you will learn the achievements of Black fighter pilots, commercial aviators, and astronauts as they struggle against overwhelming odds to realize their dreams.

Such a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon with family, and friends of aviation.  Here is a link for more info:  The National Air And Space Museum

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This YouTube Video is one that I really wanted to share with all you aviation buffs and flightsim addicts.  Bessie Coleman was the first African American (and Native American) to earn an international pilot's license.  She went on to become a great stunt pilot until her tragic death on April 30th 1926.

You'd think that her name would rank right up there with the likes of Amelia Earhart, Jackie Cochran, and Florence "Pancho" Barnes.  But, alas, Bessie Coleman is the great daredevil pilot that few have ever heard of.

I invite you to watch the video, and if you're so inclined, grab a copy of Doris L. Rich's biography on this courageous aviatrix who was way ahead of her time.  And no, this is not my video and no, I am NOT an affiliate of Amazon (where you can purchase the book).

It just seems a shame that Bessie Coleman should fade from the annuals of aviation history, even as we sing the praises of her contemporaries.