Monday, December 7, 2015

VATSIM: IFR Flight Example: Memphis to Atlanta! - FULL ATC!

No, this is NOT one of my videos.  You can look below to see that mine are not nearly as good.  This vid comes from Aviation Pro, who has been on YouTube for about 5 years now.  

As the name implies, this young man is very professional in the way he plans, and executes his flights.  He utilizes VatSim for realistic ATC procedures.

Unlike many YouTubers who have successful channels, I find Aviation Pro to be friendly, helpful, and always answers questions in the comment section.  He doesn't just fly the aircraft:  He actually takes time to explain to newbies what he is doing, and why.  Very nice!!

You can find him, not only on YouTube, but also here 

You'll also notice that he's still flying FS2004.  It just goes to show you that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 isn't dead.  It lives on in Facebook fan pages, blogs, YouTube channels, and forums.  

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